Zomato Reminds Good Old Days To People With This Viral Post

Zomato Reminds Good Old Days To People With This Viral Post

Zomato is known for this fun take on social media. And, once again, the company has lived up to our expectations. The latest post, by the food delivery app, is reminding us of the good old “no pressure days”. We must say that Zomato has made quite a successful attempt at reminding us of the warnings that used to hover around, along with the aroma of food being cooked at home. The warning-cum-deadline, usually given by our darling mothers, was for the pressure cooker’s whistles. Relatable?

“Life was good when the only deadline we had was 3 seeti [whistle] mein cooker band karna [Turn off the gas after three whistles],” Zomato wrote in a tweet. 

Of course, users were transported to the days when life was, as they say, simple.

One of the first reactions came from Paytm, the digital payment platform. The company presented their own, with-a-twist, version of a deadline. The tweet read, “Life was good when paying attention in school was the only important payment of the day.”

This person spoke on behalf of us when he said, “Mera cooker seeti nhi deta tha usai time ke hisab se bnd krna tha. 15 mins baad band kardeo was the deadline.”

“Failing at deadline since bachpan” was the sentiment on the social media platform.

Users, too, did not hold back and stated what nostalgia tastes like in their own lives. A person wrote, “Life was good when the only deadline we had was tanki se paani overflow hone pe motor off kar dena.”

“Andehra hone se pehlay khel ke ghar aa jana” was another relatable take on the deadline tweet.

And, are you among those who had to keep a check while the milk is on the boiler? If yes, then this post is for you. 

Do let us know your deadline moment?

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