Watch: Mans Magic Trick With Sugar Has Stunned The Internet


Do you remember the time as kids when you would attend any magic show? At that time, we used to sit on the edges of our seats and watch the magician in amazement. He would take out a pigeon from his hat, a rabbit from his bag or even roll out a long cloth from up his sleeves. The excitement we felt while watching such things is still alive in our hearts, and it always makes us wonder how the person did this? Recently, a man performing magic with sugar has been going viral on the internet. His act had stunned many people. But this time, the internet was able to decipher his magic!

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In a video shared by Twitter Account @overtime, we can see this man performing the trick. He first opens up a sugar sachet and fills his hand with it. Then he throws the sugar in the air and says, “Freeze.” He makes the audience believe that the sugar actually stopped mid-air after saying freeze. Then he raises his hand and once again says, “unfreeze.” Once he says that, he shows that the sugar is back in his hand and drops it in the sachet. Take a look at the magic video here:

Since this video was uploaded, it has been retweeted 30.2K times and has 180 likes. Many people were stunned by this. One person wrote, “Mind Blown”, and another one said, “Alright, I am impressed!” Someone even added, “Oh my gosh it’s really amazing; I don’t know how to do it.”

However, many users could guess how he did it and even explained it in the comments. A user wrote, “No, it is actually a fake thumb that is already inside of his left hand, and after pouring the sugar, he put his right-hand thumb inside of it. I know this because that fake thumb used to be the best magic trick in my high school.”

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However, when the trick was revealed, many people have said that they also used to do this in their school time. A person said, “One of my favourite tricks. I have done it many times. I never tell the secret. I never do it on request. Always spontaneous and unexpected.”

But more than this, many people have appreciated the man for flawlessly presenting the trick! So, what do you think about his magic? Let us know in the comments below!


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