Watch: Funny Video Shows The Most Relatable Bachelors Grocery List Ever


Thousands of people survived the pandemic era on their own, with bachelors stuck in their rented homes and single people isolated with no help; it was a chaotic time in the beginning. On top of this, we came across some of the most bizarre sights like people fighting over the last packet of bread or racing each other to the grocery stores. Thankfully, the madness has ended and it has left many of us with some newfound skills of surviving in the kitchen. However, if you ever have lived alone or are doing so currently, you will agree that the battle doesn’t start when you are in the kitchen; it actually starts when you are in the grocery store. While many YouTube videos taught us how to make the most basic recipes, no one taught us how to go grocery shopping for the ingredients of those recipes. A hilarious video has been doing the rounds on Instagram and it talks about a similar situation that all bachelors have once faced in their lives.

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If the difference between dhaniya and pudina, moong and masoor, rai and ajwain gives you the creeps, you will totally relate to this funny video! Uploaded by digital content creator Harshita Gupta, the video has us amused by how relatable it is. If you have ever lived alone, you know the struggle of going to the grocery store on your own. Forgetting the names of essential items, being confused by the variety of fruits found in the market are all too common experiences for you. And, if you can relate to these experiences, this video is definitely going to hit the spot for you. Take a look at it here:

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The video was captioned “Day 30 in a Bachelor’s Life: Struggle is Real” and the comment section has totally agreed with it. Many viewers who have lived on their own confessed that this is exactly what their situation was like. Some of the comments left on the video were- “The struggle is so damn real! So relatable” , “Dal and its definition by colours is the real struggle, so true”, “Took me back to my hostel days” and “The part where you say biryani k chawal k alawa bhi chawal aate h…very relatable.” (The part where you say there are more varieties of rice other than the one used in biryani, that’s very relatable).

Other funny comments left on the video are “Bilkul sahi abhi yahi halat chal rahi hai…aap hi dukh ko samaj pai” (This is exactly what my state is right now, you have understood my struggle), “And after all that shopping, still unable to decide what to cook…real struggle”, “I swear this is real struggle for us…aur log mzaak udaate h” (I swear the struggle is real, and people make fun of us) and “seriously.. Hit the TARGET”.

Does this remind you of your confusing shopping times? Let us know in the comments below.


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