Want Chicken Salad For Dinner? Make This Chicken Shawarma Salad For Loads Of Flavour And Nutrition


While vegetarians have a ball on the streets of their local markets indulging in a variety of street foods, there are quite a few options available for non-vegetarians too. Chicken shawarma is one of these delights that originated in the Middle East as a meal and is now a popular street food in India. Juicy, flavourful, grilled chicken slices are rolled up in a pita bread to make an exciting and fulfilling dish to satiate your evening hunger. Chicken shawarma roll makes for the perfect on-the-go meal. Whether you are strolling down the market lane or watching your favourite show in the comfort of your home, this dish is perfect for fuss-free meal when hunger strikes. 

The speciality of shawarma is the way grilled chicken is marinated in a pool of robust spices, then grilled, and then cut into thin slices to serve up as a roll. While it is a complete meal, many people like to experience the same flavours of the dish, not in a roll, but in a bowl of salad.  

The recent trend of food experimentation has led to the discovery of chicken shawarma salad, which adds in the nutrition of other salad-special veggies like lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, and onions. And the addition of extra crunch on our plate can’t be ignored. Already excited to try this unique salad? Here’s an easy recipe for you. 

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Shawarma is a popular meal in India now. 

Chicken Shawarma Salad Recipe I How To Make Chicken Shawarma: 

Click here to see the detailed recipe of chicken Sharma salad that you can easily prepare at home.

First, marinate chicken breast in a bed of curd, mixed with some spices. Keep for at least half an hour and grill it. You can also use a grill plate on stove if you don’t have a traditional griller. Then just assemble the salad with lettuce leaves, cucumber, onion, tomatoes and other veggies of your choice. Don’t forget to add in some mayonnaise or other sauce of your choice. Slice the grilled chicken and place on top of the salad. Serve with pita bread.  

Do try this chicken shawarma salad recipe and let us know how you liked it. 

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