Viral Video Shows How Goan Feni Is Made; Watch The Mind-Blowing Process

Viral Video Shows How Goan Feni Is Made; Watch The Mind-Blowing Process

Goa is probably the most popular place in India! The reason behind it is that its relaxing lifestyle, lip-smacking cuisine and serene beaches are on the bucket list of every Indian youth. While Goa has many things to offer, one popular export unique to Goa is Feni. For those who don’t know what exactly Feni is, it is an alcoholic beverage that is indigenous to Goa. Generally, Feni is produced by fermenting the juice of cashew fruits and is also known as cashew Feni. Technically, Goa offers two types of Feni, one made from coconuts and the other made from cashews. However, cashew Feni is the more popular beverage! Cashew Feni generally has 40-45% alcohol and is considered very strong. But do you know what the process of making it looks like? We have found footage of the process and we were amazed to see it! Take a look:

The video was uploaded by Instagram based food blogger @foodie_incarnate and it has garnered 16.5 million and 483k likes.

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How Feni Is Produced In Goa | Manufacturing of Goan Cashew Feni

Ripened cashew apples that have fallen from the tree are collected. The cashew apple is de-seeded and dropped in the stomping area. People, wearing gumboots, physically stomp on the fruits to extract the juice from the fruits. After this step, the crushed fruits are collected and placed under big rocks, to extract extra juice. Machines are not used in this process as the juice is corrosive and easily ruins the machine.

The juice extracted by stomping is transferred to plastic drums and fermented for three days. The fermented liquid is poured into a utensil called bhann for steam distillation, in which the liquid is sealed and boiled for up to 3 hours. The vapour is collected and transferred through a pipe surrounded by water, to condense the vapours into liquid. This process gives urrak a distillate that has up to 10-15% alcohol. The urrak is redistilled with more of the cashew juice, and the resulting liquid is redistilled again to give cashew Feni.

Watch the detailed video of the making of Goan Feni down below:

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