Viral Video: Man Pulls A Prank On Turkish Ice Cream Vendor, Leaves Internet In Splits


Till now, we all have seen the iconic and amusing method that Turkish ice cream vendors use to serve a cone of ice cream. The internet is full of these videos. The tricks they pull prior to serving a scoop of that exquisite dessert is a humorous experience. But more than those tricks, the reactions of the confused and flabbergasted customers are also amusing to watch. So, when anyone outsmarts and pulls a prank on the Turkish ice cream vendors in their own way, it obviously catches the attention of many and sometimes also goes viral. Recently, one such customer played a reverse prank on the Turkish ice-cream vendor. Ever since this video was uploaded, it has gone viral and has left the internet in splits!

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In a video uploaded by @wanderzoneofficial and initially made by @mohamednagia1, we can see him pulling a prank on the vendor. When the vendor gives the ice cream cone to the customer, he pulls out the cone from his stick and eats it. Then, the vendor again tries to give him a second cone, hoping he will take it back from the customer this time. But again, the customer doesn’t let go of the cone and eats it. He pulls the same prank the third time, and then the vendor gives up and serves him the ice cream. Take a look at it here:

Ever since this video was uploaded, it gained massive traction and has 125 million views with 6.6 million views and 31.3K comments! Many people were amused by this. One person wrote, “The way he played with ice-cream maker,” and “The way ice cream maker threw the last cone down in disappointment.”

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Another person said, “Finally, someone scammed those guys! Thanks” and “Finally, someone caught up with him. He ain’t pleased.”

Someone also said, “The ice cream dude looked like his soul left his body.”

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