Viral: Man Gives His Meal To Food Delivery Executive; This Was His Emotional Response


The internet has a plethora of stories that melt our hearts and warm up our soul. We often encounter these touching moments on our daily social media scrolls. Recently, one such incident caught our attention for how emotional it truly was. Sha Davis, a man based in Washington, placed an order for food through an online delivery application. However, he placed the order for the wrong address. At first, he was mad at himself for the goof-up. However, later he asked his delivery driver to keep the meal with himself instead. How the driver responded to this has made Davis and the internet extremely emotional. Davis shared a screengrab from the conversation on his Facebook profile, and the post has gone viral. Take a look:

The post was shared by Sha Davis on Facebook, where it went viral and received over 110k reactions, 2.2k comments and 82k shares. “So I forgot to change my address on my chipotle app so I told the driver to keep it because the old address is back in Iowa. I was mad at first but after reading this I’m happy this happened,” he wrote in the post. In the screengrab that he shared, the delivery executive had messaged that he was at the location with the food order. “Take it with you bro and enjoy the lunch. I forgot to change my address and I am currently in Maryland,” responded Davis.

The delivery driver thanked him, and later messaged again to express his gratitude. “I wanted to thank you again. It’s my brother’s birthday today and he is laid to rest not far from where you had me take this delivery,” he said. “I’m having lunch with him today because of you. You have no idea how much that means to me, I truly appreciate it,” he added.

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The post about the delivery agent’s response garnered tons of reactions from Facebook users. “I’m not crying, you are,” wrote one user while another commented, “Everything happens for a reason.” One user also wrote, “Put me in tears upon reading it. Thank you, seriously, from the bottom of my heart. It’s amazing people like you who keep restoring my faith in humanity.”

How wonderful it is that even a small act of kindness can make someone’s day beyond our imagination! What did you think of the viral story about the food delivery executive’s emotional story? Tell us in the comments below.


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