samsung: Samsung Expert RAW app update brings low light performance improvements


Samsung has started rolling out an update for its recently launched Expert RAW camera app. The update carries version number 1.0.01 and it brings just one improvement to the app in regards to low light performance.
According to the listing on Galaxy Store, the listing page of the app only mentions “The clarity enhanced in extreme low light”. That’s pretty much it. The update does not include any other feature.
The Galaxy S22 series smartphones are already capable shooters in low light conditions using the regular camera app. However, the low light performance improvement is always a good thing to see.
For the uninitiated, the Extreme RAW app is basically a Pro mode app that captures RAW images and provides a DSLR-like shooting experience by allowing users to take charge of settings like shutter speed, ISO, lens, white balance, focus mode and more.
The app was first released in the Korean market and the company slowly expanded it to the global market with the launch of the Galaxy S22 series smartphones. However, the app is currently limited to select Samsung devices and we expect that Samsung will bring this app to other devices soon, at least on flagship models like Samsung Galaxy S20 series or Note 20 series smartphones.

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