McDonalds Customer Finds Dead Lizard In Drink, Fast Food Giant Reacts


There is no dearth of bizarre and strange content on the internet. We often encounter weird and unusual stories on our daily scroll through our social media feeds. One such story, however, has left us shell-shocked. A Twitter user named Bhargav Joshi took to the micro-blogging platform to reveal how he encountered a horrible experience at his recent McDonald’s visit. Joshi was shocked to find a dead lizard floating in his glass of cola drink at McDonald’s. He shared a video of the incident on Twitter and raised it with the local authorities. Take a look:

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The incident happened at the McDonald’s outlet in Ahmedabad. According to the Twitter user, he was drinking the cola when he shook the glass and the dead lizard came to the top. He was waiting for some action to be taken by the fast-food giant but to no avail. The group of friends was quite shocked to see the lizard in their drink and were completely disgusted by the incident.

The Twitter user also claimed that McDonald’s banned his account and did not take up cognizance of his complaint. However, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation’s (AMC) food safety officer Devang Patel later collected samples from the outlet for health check purposes, as per Indian Express. The AMC also sealed the McDonald’s outlet and prohibited it from reopening without permission as per the report.

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The fast-food giant also released a statement after the incident. “At McDonald’s, we are committed to ensuring the safety and hygiene of all our customers. Quality, service, cleanliness and value are at the core of our business operations,” read the press release. They have also implemented the strictest safety and hygiene protocols for kitchen cleaning and sanitisation.

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