Indus Valley Civilization Sites in Haryana

In this Post list of ‘Indus Valley Civilization’ Sites in Haryana is given. Such type of information may be asked in various competitive exam i.e. HSSC, HPSC and other. We hope this information will help you these competitive exam.

Indus Valley Civilization Site  in Haryana

SiteDistrictExcavations/ Findings
BaluFatehabadEarliest evidence of garlic
BanawaliFatehabadBarley, terracotta figure of plough
BhirranaFatehabadGraffiti of a dancing girl on pottery, which resembles dancing girl statue found at Mohenjo-daro
FarmanaRohtakLargest burial site of IVC, with 65 burials, found in India
Hisar mound inside Firoz Shah PalaceHisarUnexcavated site
JognakheraKurukshetraCopper smelting furnaces with copper slag and pot shards
KunalFatehabadEarliest Pre-Harappan site, Copper smelting
RakhigarhiHisarTerrecotta wheels, toys, figurines, pottery. Large site, partially excavated.