“I Got My Way”, Says Masaba Gupta With Snacks In Her Hand; Heres Why


Masaba Gupta, daughter of actress Neena Gupta and cricketer Viv Richards, started in the industry as a high-end fashion designer and now she is gradually making a switch to Bollywood! From being the star of her own show ‘Masaba Masaba’ to being featured in ‘Modern Love Mumbai’, the celebrity is taking on many roles! Despite her busy schedule, she still manages to find time for her passion for food! If you have been following her, then you’d know that Masaba Gupta is a big foodie and she loves to indulge in anything delicious.

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A few weeks ago, Masaba Gupta shared a funny video of how she struggles with her cravings. The cute little reel showed Masaba entering a room, full filmy style, where she sees her friends munch on some French fries. She is tempted to snack on a few pieces of fries, but her friends stop her and instead hand her a plate of healthy food. She accepts it half-heartedly and munches on her healthy snack. She titled this mini-skit “Masaba Vs Food” and added the caption: “You win some… you lose some (I’m talking about the calories)”.

Today, the fashion designer-turned-actress has shared an update from the battle against her cravings and the results are as delicious as you’d think! Through her Instagram stories, she gave us a glimpse of her tasty victory. Take a look:

Sitting on a chair, with her bowl of chips, Masaba Gupta is all smiles while snacking on chips! She even discouraged people from taking a share of her snack so that she can have it all to herself. She captioned the image as “Well, I got my way” proving her victory and allowing herself to indulge in her snack cravings.

Do you also struggle with your foodie cravings like Masaba Gupta? Do tell us in the comments section below!

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