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Haryana gk in English download Pdf– One Time Exam Part 2

Haryana General Knowledge in English Part 2


                              -One Time Exam in English For HSSC- 

Q1.Which district in Haryana is Largest by area?

a)Rohtak  b)Rewari  c)Hisar  d)Bhiwani Ans:Ans:D

Q2.In Which year Haryana became a state?

a)1967  b)1966  c)1963  d)1962   Ans:B

Q3.Second Battle of Panipat was fought in which year ?

a)1526  b)1549  c)1556  d)1547   Ans:C

Q4.Treaty of Surji Anjangaon was signed in which year ?

a)1813  b)1803  c)1826  d)1819   Ans:B

Q5.Who among the following is the founder of Hisar district?

a)Firozshah Tughlaq  b)Babur  c)Aurangazeb  d)Ibrahim Lodi   Ans:A

Q6.Faridabad district was carved out from which district and in which year?

a)Rohtak,1979  b)Gurgaon,1979  c)Karnal,1977  d)Yamuna nagar,1974   Ans:B

Q7.Pnachkula district was formed in which year ?

a)1995  b)1989  c)1992  d)1999   Ans:A

Q8.In 1967 Jind Tahsil was bifurcated in to how many tahsils ?

a)Four  b)Three  c)Five  d)Two   Ans:D ( They are Jind and Safidon..)

Q9.Jhajjar district was formed in which year?

a)1994  b)1997  c)1990  d)1993.   Ans:B

Q10.Which City of Haryana is Major Hub for the Information Technology?

a)Jind  b)Rohtak  c)Gurgaon  d)Panchkula   Ans: C

Q11.Ghaggar river enters Haryana from which district?

a)Jind b)Gurgaon c)Ambala d)Panchkula   Ans:D

Q12.Which language is Haryana state’s Second language?

a)Punjabi  b)Tamil  c)Hindi  d)None of These   Ans: A

Q13.Central Soil Salinity Research Institute (CSSRI) is located in which of the following city?

a)Hisar  b)Jhajjar  c)Karnal  d)Nuh   Ans:C

Q14.Central Institute for Research on Buffaloes is situated at?

a)Hisar  b)Bhiwani  c)Panipat d)Sirsa   Ans:A

Q15.National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources (NBAGR) is situated at?

a)Faridabad  b)Karnal  c)Ambala d)Gurgaon  Ans:B ( it is first established in Bangalore in 1984. but in 1985 shifted to Haryana.)

Q16.Which of the following announced as the 22nd district of Haryana?

a)Hansi  b)Manesar  c)Dadri  d)None of the above   Ans:C

Q17. In which year Haryana was formed as a separate state

(A) 1962 (B) 1966 (C) 1969 (D) 1972   Ans:B

Q18. Which one is recognised as a state tree of Haryana

(A) Sal (B) Neem (C) Peepal (D) Deodar   Ans:C

Q19. Total number of districts in Haryana

(A) 16 (B) 18 (C) 20 (D) 22   Ans:D

Q20. Which one is the largest district by area wise in Haryana

(A) Bhiwani (B) Sirsa (C) Hisar (D) Jind   Ans:A

Q21. Who was the first Chief Minister of Haryana

(A) Bhagwat Dayal Sharma (B) Bansi Lal (C) Banarsi Das Gupta (D) Bhajan Lal    Ans:A

Q22. In which year, Haryana becomes the first state to achieve 100% electrification in a rural area

(A) 1965 (B) 1970 (C) 1978 (D) 1989   Ans:B

Q23. The literacy rate of Haryana according to the 2011 census

(A) 72.5% (B) 76.6% (C) 78.3% (D) 80.7%   Ans:B

Q24. Which one is the largest city by area wise in Haryana

(A) Gurgaon (B) Rohtak (C) Chandigarh (D) Faridabad   Ans:D

Q25. In which year the National Games is scheduled to be held in Haryana for the first time

(A) 2016 (B) 2018 (C) 2020 (D) 2022   Ans:D

Q26. The Haryana Formation day is celebrated on

(A) 3rd August (B) 15th September (C) 1st November (D) 8th December   Ans:C

Q27. The Indian National Lok Dal was founded by

(A) Choudhary Devi Lal (B) Om Prakash Chautala (C) Bansi Lal (D) Bhajan Lal   Ans:A

Q28. The National Dairy Research Institute is located in

(A) Ambala (B) Karnal (C) Panipat (D) Hisar   Ans:B

Q29. The Chaudhary Charan Singh Haryana Agricultural University was established in the year

(A) 1968 (B) 1970 (C) 1976 (D) 1982   Ans:B

Q30. In which year, Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary became a National Park

(A) 1972 (B) 1981 (C) 1987 (D) 1991   Ans:D

Q31. Total number of Wildlife Sanctuaries in Haryana

(A) 6 (B) 8 (C) 9 (D) 10   Ans:B

Q32. Haryana State Labour Policy came into existance in

(A) 2004 (B) 2005 (C) 2006 (D) 2007   Ans:C

Q33. Which unique project is being launched in Haryana to raise the standard of female children in Haryana?

(A) Indra-Harelli-Saheli-Yojna (B) Apni Beti-Apna dhan-Yojna (C) Indra Sahara-Yojna (D) All the above   (Ans:B)

Q34. First time the President’s rule was imposed in Haryana—

(A) 21st Nov., 1967 (B) 30th April, 1977 (C) 2nd Dec., 1989 (D) 6th April, 1991   (Ans:A)

Q35. Who is famous with the name of Haryana Kesari ?

(A) Pt. Neki Ram Sharma (B) Devi Lal (C) Bansi Lal (D) Bhagwat Dayal Sharma   (Ans : A)

Q36. When was Ambala established as a cantonment area (Military base) ?

(A) In 1839 (B) In 1841 (C) In 1843 (D) In 1848   (Ans:C)

Q37. Who was the first Governor of Haryana ?

(A) B. N. Chakravorty (B) R. S. Narula (C) Dhanik Lal MandaI (D) Dharam Veer   (Ans:D)

Q38. Who was the first Chief Minister of Haryana ?

(A) Banarsi Das Gupta (B) Rao Virendra Singh (C) Bhajan Lal (D) Bhagwat Dayal Sharma


Q39. In which district of Haryana is the Mohar Singh Stadium (Mayur) situated?

(A) Faridabad (B) Ambala (C) Kurushetra (D) Yamuna-Nagar   (Ans:A)

Q40. Which breed of buffaloes is famous in Haryana?

(A) Turra (B) Murra (C) Chaspa (D) Pushpa   (Ans:B)

Q41. When was Bhiwani textile mill establised at Haryana?

(A) 1932 (B) 1937 (C) 1943 (D) 1948   (Ans:B)

Q42. Which district of Haryana ranks first in the production of mustard?

(A) Mahendragarh (B) Faridabad (C) Rohtak (D) Panipat (Ans:A)

Q43 For which of the following industries is Rewari district of Haryana famous in India—

(A) Brass Utensils Industry (B) Tilla Shoe Industry (C) Hero-Honda-Motor Cycle Industry (D) All the above   (Ans:D)

Q44. Which article manufactured in Haryana is exported to foreign countries?

(A) Brass Utensils (B) Paint (C) Liberty Shoes (D) Wooden Furniture   (Ans:C)

Q45. Which of the following factories are established at Faridabad ?

(A) Rubber Tyre (B) Tractor (C) Refrigerator (D) All these   (Ans:D)

Q46. Who constructed the famous ‘Sarveshwar Mahadeo Temple’ at Kurukshetra ?

(A) J. K. Birla (B) Baba Tarak Nath (C) Baba Sarwan Nath (D) Baba Shivgiri   (Ans:C)

Q47. Where is the famous and old temple of Sita Mata established at Haryana ?

(A) Gurgaon (B) Hisar (C) Narnaul (D) Rohtak   (Ans:A)

Q48. At which place of Haryana did a battle between Mohd. Gauri and Prithvi Raj Chauhan take place in the Medieval period of 1191 and 1192?

(A) Gharonda (B) Tarawari (C) Asandh (D) Nising   (Ans:B)

Q49. The tomb of Ibrahim Lodi is situated at—

(A) Panipat (B) Gurgaon (C) Mahendragarh (D) Rohtak   (Ans:A)

Q50. Haryana is bounded by—

(A) Himachal Pradesh in the North, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi in the east, Rajasthan in the South and South-East and Punjab and Chandigarh in the North-West

(B) Himachal Pradeshin the East, Chhattisgarh in the North, Punjab in the South and Uttar Pradesh in the West

(C) Jammu Kashmir in the West, Punjab in the East, Uttar Pradesh in the North and Uttaranchal in the South

(D) None of these   (Ans:A)

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