GURGAON to ROHTAK Bus Time Table

Bus Time Table from GURUGRAM to ROHTAK

Haryana Roadways Buses from GURUGRAM to ROHTAK

Haryana Roadways operates its buses from Gurgaon to Rohtak as per schedule given below- Distance from  Gurgaon to Rohtak  – 83 kmFare from  Gurgaon to Rohtak  – 83/-

Sr.No.  DepartureTime Route  Via  Bus Type 
05.00 hrs Gurgaon to Hisar KMP, Bahadurgarh Haryana Roadways 
05.40 hrs  Gurgaon to Hisar  KMP, Bahadurgarh Haryana Roadways 
07.00 hrs  Gurgaon to Hisar   KMP, Bahadurgarh Haryana Roadways 
08.00 hrs  Gurgaon to Hisar   KMP, Bahadurgarh  Haryana Roadways 
08.30 hrsGurgaon to Rohtak Bahadurgarh  Haryana Roadways 
08.50 hrs  Gurgaon to Jind BahadurgarhHaryana Roadways 
09.50 hrs Gurgaon to Jind Bahadurgarh Haryana Roadways 
11.30 hrs Gurgaon to Narwana Bahadurgarh  Haryana Roadways 
12.00 hrs Gurgaon to KurukshetraBahadurgarh Haryana Roadways 
10 13.20 hrs Gurgaon to Jind Bahadurgarh Haryana Roadways 
11 11-A14.00 hrs14.10 hrsGurgaon to Jind Gurugram to Sirsa Bahadurgarh –Haryana RoadwaysHR AC Luxury 
12 14.20 hrs  Gurgaon to Jind Bahadurgarh Haryana Roadways 
13 14.30 hrs Gurgaon to Jind  Bahadurgarh Haryana Roadways 
14 15.00 hrs Gurgaon to Hisar Bahadurgarh Haryana Roadways 
15 15.30 hrs Gurgaon to Narwana Bahadurgarh  Haryana Roadways 
16 16.00 hrs Ballabgarh to Rohtak KMP, Bahadurgarh Haryana Roadways 

Note- Passengers are advised to confirm the latest timetable from bus stand enquiry before leaving.
Gurgaon/ Gurugram Bus Stand Enquiry No. 0124-2320222

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