Gordon Ramsay Criticised For His Rs 1,800-Dish At London Restaurant - Heres Why

Gordon Ramsay Criticised For His Rs 1,800-Dish At London Restaurant – Heres Why


Have you watched any of those old episodes of Kitchen Nightmares — the American reality TV show where Chef Gordon Ramsay visits a failing restaurant in an attempt to revive the business? If you have, you must surely know how Ramsay criticises the dishes cooked by other people. However, now, it appears that he has become a target of such criticism, with a dish at one of his restaurants causing quite a stir online. It all started a few days ago when Ramsay shared a video of the dish — Arnold Bennett Souffle — from his London restaurant, the Savoy Grill, which he took over in 2003.

He captioned the post, “A Savoy Grill signature. Arnold Bennett Souffle with aged cheddar sauce.” Along with the footage of the dish, Ramsay added, “Simply perfect.”

In the clip, we see a person pouring thick, melted yellow cheese over white souffle. Take a look.

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According to The Daily Star, the Arnold Bennett Souffle with aged cheddar sauce, priced at 18 pounds (approximately Rs 1,800), has been a signature dish at the Savoy Grill in London since 2003, when it was originally added to the menu. The report adds, that the serving was changed, as earlier, a classic smoked haddock omelette was on the menu instead of the souffle. However, the clip that Ramsey shared on Twitter had a completely different appearance, and many of his followers weren’t impressed.

Some of the comments ranged from “puke” to “yuck”.

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While one user compared the dish to mashed potato with cheese sauce”, another wrote that the “sauce is raw”.

However, not everyone was critical of the dish. While one user wrote it was appetising enough to “send their hunger through the roof”, another said it “looks so good”.

Here are a few more reactions:

What are your views on the scathing comments the dish is receiving?


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