Give Rice A Healthy Twist With These 5 Nutritious Recipes


Rice is probably one of the most popular foods in India. So much so that a traditional Indian lunch meal would be incomplete without a portion of rice. Rice’s adaptability shines through whether it’s coupled with dal or curries or tossed with a slew of veggies. Since we boil and eat rice almost every day, some might get left over. So, if you have some leftover rice in your fridge and wondering what to do with it, we have just the idea! This time, give a twist to your rice by turning them into delicious, healthful bowls packed with nutrients! For the same, here we bring you some healthy rice recipes to make a part of your menu. Check them out below:

Here Are 5 Healthy Rice Recipes:

1. Beetroot Pulao:

This time, move over your regular vegetable pulao and make a colourful and healthy beetroot pulao. As the name suggests, this rice recipe is mixed with beetroot and a few spices to add that extra zing to it! One bowl of this goodness is sure to aid your health! Click here for the recipe.

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2. Mushroom Brown Rice:

Brown rice is a healthier rice alternative than white rice since it has more fibre. The mushrooms are the essential character in the dish, providing lots of flavour. Once you make it, season it lightly with salt and pepper. If you don’t have brown rice, just use ordinary rice. Click here for the recipe.

brown rice

Mushroom brown rice can be prepared for easy lunch. 

3. Egg Rice:

One of the most popular and arguably the simplest recipes to prepare at home is egg rice. Aside from being quite yummy, it is also an excellent method to increase your protein intake. Click here for the recipe. 

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4. Vegetable Loaded Rice:

With this lovely melange, you may create comfort in a pot. A quick, easy, and filling rice dish packed with the freshness of farm vegetables! There is plenty of room for experimentation – in this dish, you can use as many vegetables as you want! Click here for the recipe. 

kabuli pulao

Vegetable loaded rice can be made with different vegetables. 

5. One-Pot Chicken Rice:

This recipe is simple and quick to prepare. All you have to do is combine the chicken and masalas, then add chicken stock to cook the rice. This recipe involves few ingredients, little effort, and a lot of flavours! Click here for the recipe.

So, what are you waiting for? Make these delicious recipes today, and let us know which one was your favourite!


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