Future Group On Talks Offer Amid Fight


'Amazon God Must Pick Up Phone...': Future Group On Talks Offer Amid Fight

Amazon has proposed a dialogue with Future Retail to end legal battles, while the Supreme Court gives both parties until March 15 to explore a settlement through negotiations.

To end a contractual dispute that has soured relations between the two sides, Amazon has suggested talks with Future Retail.

Amazon’s counsel Gopal Subramanium proposed during a hearing before India’s Supreme Court, where he said the “whirlpool” of litigation was being dragged for too long.

“All that I’m saying is let’s at least have a conversation. We cannot allow the spinners’ wheel to continue like this,” Subramanium told the court.

In response, a counsel for Future Group agreed to hold talks with Amazon. The judges said the two sides could take ten days to reach a possible solution.

Amazon has successfully stalled Future’s $3.4 billion asset sale to Indian rival Reliance since 2020 by citing violation of specific contracts. Future denies any wrongdoing, but the U.S. firm’s position has been backed by a Singapore arbitrator and Indian courts so far.

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