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Daily Use Vocabulary Words with Meaning and Sentence in Hindi

The Daily Vocabulary English language has become a fascination over the past few decades, and everyone is trying to master the language in its grammar and, more importantly, vocabulary.

Learning new words and their meanings along with how to fit them in a context is what we are going to brief in this article. There are thousands of daily vocabulary English, and newer words are coined now and then.

Words With Meaning And Sentence

1. Bedrock (N)-basic principles or facts. मूल सिद्धान्त

2. Underscores (V)-to emphasize the importance of something.

3. Bottlenecks (N)-a problem that delays a process or stops it from continuing. मार्गावरोध

4. Containment (N)-the action of keeping something harmful under control or within limits. रोकथाम

5. Malnutrition (N)-a severe shortage of food.

6. Lactating (Adj)-producing or secreting milk.

7. Innovatively (Adv)-using new methods or ideas.

8. Pest (N)-an insect or small animal that is harmful or damages crops. विनाशकारी कीट

9. Locust (N)-a large insect found in hot areas that fly in large groups and destroy plants and crops. टिड्डी

10. Degradation (N)-the process by which something is made worse, esp. the quality of the land. घटना

11. Agroecology (N)-agriculture that is based on protecting and preserving the environment. कृषि-पारिस्थितिकी

12. Precipitated (V)-to make something happen suddenly or sooner than expected. अवक्षेपित

13. Solidarity (N)-an agreement between and support for the members of a group, especially a political group.

14. Inexplicably (Adv)-in a manner differing from the usual or expected. बिना किसी स्पष्टीकरण के

15. Cess (N)-a form of tax charged/levied over and above the base tax liability of a taxpayer. कर

16. Recompense (V)-to compensate for loss or damage.

17. Shortfall (N)-a deficit of something required or expected. कमी होना

18. Coffers (N)-the financial accounts of a government or an organization. कोष, ख़ज़ाना

19. Dry Up (Phrasal Verb)-(of a resource) to come to an end.

20. Cooled Off (Phrasal Verb)-become quiet or calm, especially after a state of agitation.

21. Imperative (N)-an essential or urgent thing. अनिवार्य

22. Hubris (N)-excessive pride or self-confidence. अभिमान, घमंड

23. Stunting (N)-impaired growth and development that children experience from poor nutrition, repeated infection, and inadequate psychosocial stimulation.

24. Unedifying (Adj)-unpleasant and without any useful or positive features.

25. Inferior (Adj)-lower in rank, status, or quality. निम्न, अपकृष्ट

26. Flawed (Adj)-wrong or faulty. त्रुटिपूर्ण, दोषपूर्ण

27. Determinants (N)-a factor which decisively affects the nature or outcome of something. निर्धारक तत्व

28. Appetite (N)-a strong desire or liking for something. इच्छा, प्रवृत्ति

29. Diverse (Adj)-different in kind. विभिन्न, विविध

30. Deprivation (N)-the damaging lack of material benefits considered to be basic necessities in society.

31. Underscored (V)-to emphasize the importance of something.

32. Tidings (N)-news or information. समाचार, खबर

33. Extinguish (V)-terminate, end, or take out. समाप्त होना

34. Scrupulous (Adj)-(of a person or process) careful, thorough, and extremely attentive to details.

35. Caveat (N)-a warning against certain acts. चेतावनी

36. Mutations (N)-a change or alteration in form or qualities. परिवर्तन, तबदीली

37. Containment (N)-the action of keeping something harmful under control or within limits. रोकथाम

38. Suffice (V)-be enough or adequate. पर्याप्त हॉना, काफ़ी

39. Outbreaks (N)-a sudden occurrence of something unwelcome, such as war or disease. प्रकोप

40. Peer-Review (N)-evaluation of scientific, academic, or professional work by others working in the same field. सहकर्मी समीक्षा

41. Quotidian (Adj)-occurring every day. प्रतिदिन होनेवाला, साधारण

42. Common Denominator (N)-an attribute that is common to all members of a category.

43. Catering (V)-to supply what is required or desired.

44. Avowedly (Adv)-As has been asserted, admitted, or stated publicly; openly. स्पष्ट रूप से

45. Pedagogies (N)-the activities of educating or instructing. शिक्षण

46. Overarching (Adj)-including all or everything. व्यापक

47. Endeavour (V)-try hard to do or achieve something. प्रयास

48. Yawning Gap (N)-a very large difference between two groups, things, or people.

49. Exorbitantly (Adv)-(of prices and demands) much too large.

50. Warped (Adj)-strange and unpleasant.


Daily Vocabulary is the words that are used in sentences. The word vocabulary originates from the Latin word vocabulary. These vocabulary words put sense in the sentence and make the sentence meaningful. Some people use common or easy vocabulary words. But there are other difficult or complex words that can be used in place of easy words.

If you want to learn vocabulary then here are some tips- read as much as you can, read newspapers, journals, and articles. Learn a new word every day. Engage with people. Try to have conversations with them. Refer to the dictionary if you are not able to find the meaning of a particular word. Dictionary not just consists of word meanings, it also provides you the sentences so that you are able to learn how we can use a word in a sentence. Below is the list of some vocabulary words:

  • ailment
  • assault
  • awful
  • attend
  • conscious
  • overcome
  • overdue
  • unforeseen
  • despair
  • cargo
  • Criticize
  • Invert

Vocabulary words with meaning and sentence

word meaning Sentence 
abjure Promise publically that you will give up She will abjure his allegiance to the king.
acumen The ability to understand things quickly and well She has a good financial acumen
antipathy dislike She has a big antipathy towards cats
enervate weaken or destroy the strength he was slow to recover from his disease, even a short walk to the window would enervate him
fetid unpleasant-smell These cats are staying in fetid, dark sheds and barns
gregarious sociable She is a very gregarious women
mendacious Dishonesty, lying This is mendacious about his state.
squatter A person who is living in a building or land without permission or paying rent Anita is squatting in this building for nearly 2 years
squeaky Making a short high sound She has a very high squeaky voice
truce An agreement between opponents to stop fighting for a certain period of time America and Iran called for a truce
organize to arrange something in a proper way Our marketing team will organize the upcoming Annual Sales Convention in Mumbai
Expand To increase the size or amount Our company is planning to expand the business in India
competitor The person or business that competes against you Over 500 competitors are there in this market
Invoice It is a bill showing the quantity & price of goods purchased. The due date for the invoice is 9th Jan.
consensus agreed on by everyone on something Still, there is no consensus between them after a huge argument
Public relation Make good relation with the public so to have better public image Giving goodies will be a good public relations move
authorization Giving legal approval to something They are denied the authorization to start the machine by officers
delegate Distribution of something to lower level The manager is delegating some work in order to become efficient
After-sale services Giving services to customers like maintenance, repairs after selling products to them This company provide good after-sale services according to a survey
clause A statement in the contract According to clause 4, nobody can talk during the office hours
alacrity eagerness She is very alacrity to know about her results
Feral wild He has very feral thinking about life
extol praise Her mother extol her for good results
furtive secrete She is very furtive
impertinent Bold, forward She is a very impertinent girl
indolent Incline towards works She is a very hardworking indolent
inept incompetent She is inept for this job
ailment Sick, ill She succumbed to her ailment
assault attack She gets assaulted by the gangster
awful Very bad or unpleasant She is looking very awful in this dress
attend To be present at an event We’d like as many as people attend
conscious aware of something She is not conscious about
overcome To succeed, to defeat She overcame the injury to win Olympics
overdue Not paid, that should have happened A book like this is long overdue
unforeseen That you didn’t expect to happen The project was running late due to unforeseen circumstances
despair A state where hope is missing Due to his illness, he becomes despair of living
cargo The goods which are being carried The tanker began to spill its cargo of oil
Criticize To say something against We were taught how to criticize poems
Invert To change the normal position of something Place a plate over the cake and invert it.
rebellion Using violence, acting against The people of china are rebellion against the govt.
Rectify To correct something She rectify his speech to be delivered in front of the public
spineless Lack courage He is a spineless man
Recuperate To recover She recuperated from her injury very fast
Migrate Moving from one place to another Workers are migrating to different states in search of work
obese fat She is very obese nor she do any exercise to stay fit
auspicious Showing sign that something is likely to be successful in the future An auspicious start to the new school year
efficiency Doing something with accuracy and without wasting time and money I am impressed by the efficiency with which she handled the crises
intangible Cannot be seen, touched Their goodwill is the biggest intangible asset
cluster A group of something The doctors clustered anxiously around his bed
abandon Leaving alone She abandoned her child after giving birth
Destination the place designated as the end We have reached our destination
scarcity Shortage, inadequate There is scarcity of water in rural areas
stamina Strength and energy She has a great stamina in running
tactic A plan for a having a certain goal They increase their sales with a tactic move of giving goodies
bluff Deceive someone or lying about your self She is bluffing of her money
decline Rapid decrease in something Share market is declining rapidly
nightmare Bad dream She had a nightmare of ghost
beneath In or to a lower position of something Her makeup hid signs of age beneath
chase To run after something He chased after burglar but didn’t catch him
milestone A very important stage She achieved the milestone of becoming a lawyer
ambivalent Uncertain, unable to decide He is ambivalent as which course to choose
cupidity Greedy for wealth This women is marrying for just because she is very cupid
defunct No longer in use This paper cutting machine is defunct
denigrate Attack on someone’s goodwill This women is denigrating king by making false claims
instigate To provoke She is instigating him to murder her acquaintance
Paradigm Certain standards Here are some paradigm to become a member of this club
wanton Immoral person She is a very wanton person as she misbehaved in the party
vitriolic Bitter, harsh She uses vitriolic language for everyone
truculent Very aggressive He becomes truculent every moment. Everyone is afraid of him
pariah Who get rejected from home or some society Alia get caught of stealing gold, in return she get pariah from her home and city
participation The act of taking part in something She participated in dancing competition
parting Leaving Mr& Mrs Mcbroom are parting their ways
spurn Reject, refuse Sahil spurn mark’s invitation
ache pain Sahil is having stomach ache since morning
versatile Able to do many different things She is a designer of extraordinary versatility
vibrant Full of life and energy Thailand is at its most vibrant during new year celebration
Undo To cancel the effect of something It’s not too late to try and undo the damage
vague Not clear This information is vague
wry Showing that you are both amused and annoyed At least we got one vote, she said in a wry smile
wuss A person who is not strong or brave Don’t be such a wuss
wrath Extreme angry The wrath of god
yonks A long time I haven’t seen you for yonks
zap To destroy or kill The monster got zapped by a flying saucer
priest A person who is qualifies to do religious duties  or ceremonies The ordination of women priests
prickle To give an unpleasant feeling Her eyes prickled with tears
privilege A special right or advantage You can enjoy all the privileges of the club
profane Showing a lack of respect for god She uses profane language
progression The process of developing from one stage to other The rapid progression of a disease
puffy Looking swollen Her eyes were puffy from crying
puke To vomit The baby puked after eating
pungent Having a strong taste or smell The pungent smell of burning rubber
pun The humorous use of a word We’re banking on them lending us the money0 no pun intended
puny Small, weak, not impressive They laughed at my puny efforts
punter A person who buys or uses a product It’s important to keep the punters happy
raging Very strong, powerful A raging thirst or apatite
rapacious Wanting more money or good than you need The rapacity of landowners seeking greater profits
rapture A feeling of extreme happiness The children gazed at her in rapture
rebut To ; prove that a statement is wrong The accusations met with a company were rebutted
crap nonsense She is full of crap
dawdle Take a long time to do They dawdled along by the river

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