Cooking Tips: 4 Easy Tips To Make Maharashtrian Kanda Poha Perfectly (Watch Recipe Video)

Cooking Tips: 4 Easy Tips To Make Maharashtrian Kanda Poha Perfectly (Watch Recipe Video)

Poha is possibly one of the most popular breakfast options across India. Light and fulfilling, poha is flattened rice that loads you with good amount of iron, probiotics, fibre and healthy carbs. Besides, it is low in calorie and easily digestible, making poha a perfect food ingredient to include in your morning diet. Poha is super versatile too – you can prepare a pool of yummy recipes with a handful of poha. While options for poha-based dishes are many, the most popular recipe remains the one that include veggies in it. The dish too is referred to as poha. Quite a fascinating fact, right? You will find poha holding a constant position in Indian breakfast menu. But the recipe varies from place to place. For instance, poha in Bengal is referred to as chirer pulao, while it is called Indori poha in regions of Madhya Pradesh. Likewise, in Maharashtra you will find kanda poha being prepared in almost every household.

Flattened rice tossed with some basic spices, onion (known as kanda in Marathi), peanuts and more, this dish defines comfort. But getting the right texture of kanda poha is not as easy as it seems. We often end up crumbling the flattened rice, making the dish soft and soggy. Much relatable?! Fret not, as always, we have got you covered. We have found some super simple tricks that will help you get the perfect texture of the classic Maharastrian kanda poha. These tips are shared by food vlogger Parul on her YouTube channel ‘Cook With Parul’. Take a look.

1. Always buy the thickened poha (flattened rice). The thin ones get soggy easily.

2. Do not soak the poha. Instead, clean it in running water three to four times.

3. Keep the poha in strainer and sprinkle some salt and sugar on the top. Add lemon juice to it. this helps add extra flavour to the dish and prevent turning soft.

4. Do not saute the poha. Instead, mix it with the spices and veggies with light hand.

Follow these easy tips and prepare Maharashtrian kanda poha perfectly. Parul, in her video, shared a detailed recipe too. Take a look.

Watch the detailed recipe video of Maharashtrian Kanda Poha here:

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Much easy? So what are you waiting for? Make Maharashtrian kanda poha at home and enjoy a light and delicious breakfast.

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