Classic Chai Time Snack Recipes Get An Interesting Twist (Recipes Inside)


‘Sham-ki-chai’ in India isn’t just any other cup of tea; it is a ritual that we Indians follow with dedication. After a tiring day of work, this is our time to wind down and let our favourite beverage do the magic. While everyone may have a choice of different teas that they would like to have, one thing that is always guaranteed to elevate the experience is the classic chai time snacks. These crunchy, crispy and chatpata snacks are filling, scrumptious and taste the best when paired with a cup of tea. However, if you are thinking of the classic samosa, kachori and chips, you are in for a surprise! Sure, we love the signature snacks, but what if we could spruce these dishes with a twist in the recipes? Wouldn’t you love to enjoy the same flavours and texture in a much more fun and quirky way? If you answered yes, you are in luck! Here are 5 classic snack recipes that you can enjoy with a twist.

5 Classic Chai Time Snack Recipes Get An Interesting Twist:

1. Pinwheel Samosa:

No doubt samosa is the crown jewel of the Indian snacks list. However, if you want to stir things up a bit, you can try making pinwheel samosa too! These samosa pinwheels take absolutely no time and are a super delectable and easy snack recipe to prepare at home! Pair it up with mint chutney or tomato ketchup and savour! Click here for the recipe.

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2. Ulta Vada Pav:

Ulta/Inside-out vada pav is just a fun flip of all the ingredients that make the regular vada pav. Instead of using a pav to sandwich the vada in between, this recipe uses a potato vada to hold the bun in the middle. It is as flavourful and drool worthy as the original version, click here for the recipe.

vada pav

Ulta vada pav is an interesting twist on a simple vada pav recipe.  

3. Maggi Bhel:

Combining two of the most beloved evening snacks, Maggi and bhel, this crunchy recipe is sure to be a hit with all ages. Much like a quintessential bhel puri recipe, Maggi bhel includes tomato, onion, green chilli, sev, masalas and more. All we do is replace the murmura (puffed rice) with roasted Maggi. Click here for the recipe.

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4. Upside Down Kachori:

The most favourite tea-time snack of India, Kachori is basically deep-fried breads.Here is a different take on the very famous Indian snack where the Kachori has a unique combination of Indian flavours with a touch of Mexico. The best part about Kachoris is that you can make them once in large quantity and store in an air tight container, and serve them anytime. Click here for the recipe.


Upside down kachori combines Indian and Mexican flavours. 

5. Bubble Potato Chips:

A creative take on the beloved potato chips, this extra crispy and crunchy snack is ready in under 20 minutes. All you need is potatoes, egg whites and cornflour and you are good to go! These bubble chips are filled with air, making them look delicious and taste extra crunchy. Click here for the recipe.

There you have it, try these classic snack recipes with a twist. Let us know which one was your favourite in the comments below.


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