Chef Makes Bizarre Waffles With Truffle And Caviar, Reddit Wonders Why


We have seen how fusion food divided the internet in the recent past. From Candy Parantha to Momos Ice Cream Roll, there are so many bizarre dishes that street-side vendors came up with, in an attempt to make things delicious and different. While some of these experiments did seem intriguing to internet users, others questioned the existence of these bizarre dishes. And now, another bizarre dish has surfaced on the internet leaving users appalled. A chef shared a video of himself making an exotic waffle preparation with expensive ingredients such as truffle and Caviar, and Reddit was left wondering why. Take a look:

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The video was shared in the sub-Reddit r/StupidFood, where it received 3.3k upvotes and hundreds of comments. It was originally sourced from content creator Danny Grubs. In the 3-minute-long clip, we could see the making of the bizarre waffles. First, the chef created a savoury waffle with melted ham and cheese. This was not all – the waffle was then left to freeze until the rest of the dish was prepared. Chef made a liquid batter with truffle oil, truffle salt and grated truffles. He then dipped the cut-up waffle in it, then deep-frying it until golden-brown. This savoury waffle was then served with raspberry Coulis, hash brown mousse and Caviar on top.

Reddit users remained divided about the bizarre waffles with truffle and caviar. Some said that they would try the weird dish since it seemed that the chef knew what he was doing. Others were not convinced as the flavours seemed to be clashing with each other. A few also pointed out that expensive ingredients like truffle and caviar would overpower the other elements of the dish.

Take a look at the reactions:

What did you think of the bizarre waffle dish with truffle and caviar? Tell us in the comments.

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