Can Mangoes Help You Lose Weight? Expert Weighs In

Can Mangoes Help You Lose Weight? Expert Weighs In

Come summer and our refrigerator is full of mangoes. There’s no doubt that mango is the most-loved fruit in summer and we have it almost every day in different forms. Mango shakes, ice cream topping, salads or as it is – mango makes for a delicious eat every single time. However, those watching their weight are usually wary of eating it as it is known to be of high sugar content. So, the question arises, should mangoes be included in our weight loss diet? 

To solve this puzzle, dietitian Shikha Kumari shared her opinion through a post on her Instagram page. She starts off by revealing, “Research suggests that bioactive compounds and phytochemicals in mango may suppress fat cells and fat-related genes, indicating that the fruit can be beneficial for weight control.”  

Take a look at the post: 

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Shikha Kumari also adds, “Having mangoes can help you lose weight as well. Mangoes have a moderate Glycaemic Index ranging from 40-60, making the average to be around 50, which is okay. Foods with Glycaemic Indexes lower than 55 are considered low Glycaemic index fruits. So, when eaten in moderation is good for weight loss.” 

Not just for weight loss, mangoes may prove to be beneficial for boosting immunity too, among health benefits. “Mangoes are an excellent source of vitamin C, and vitamin A, which may improve the eye health & immune system. The fruit also contains folate, vitamin K, vitamin E and several B vitamins which have many important roles in the body,” explains dietitian Shikha Kumari. 

So, if you planning to gorge on this delicious fruit this season, here are some mango-based recipes you can try. 

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