5 Winter-Special Foods You Can Easily Store For The Next Season


It is always best to consume fresh produce a particular season offers. They taste better, have brighter colour and also have all the nutrients in their highest potency level. Winter season brings with it many healthy and tasty foods, but sadly, we have a limited time to enjoy them. However, if you wish to continue relishing your favourite winter foods well into the next season, we might help you. Here are some winter-special foods that you can easily store for months (or maybe, even a whole year) to keep enjoying their flavours and benefits. 

Here Are 5 Winter Foods You Can Easily Preserve: 

1. Beetroot 

We love beetroot in our salad and sandwiches in winter. To preserve it, boil fresh beetroot till it turns into a pulp. Pour the pulp in ice tray and freeze to make ice cubes. Use these cubes for food colouring or simply throw in the glass of your cool beverage for that extra kick of flavour. These cubes will stay good for months.  

2. Peas 

We eat peas all year round, but you may have noticed that peas in winter taste sweeter and fresher. That’s because you get fresh matar in winter and rest of the year, all you get is frozen matar. To store fresh peas for summer season, all you have to do is peel the peas and store the peas that come out of the skin in an air-tight container. Then keep it in freezer and defrost every time you want to use them. Defrosting peas is also easy. Just immerse them in plain water for some time. 

3. Methi 

The flavour of bright, green methi leaves can be enjoyed all year round. In winter, when you get fresh methi leaves, wash them and let them dy. Then keep them out in the sun till they turn crispy. Store these crispy methi leaves in an air-tight container and make your favourite aloo methi sabzi with them, whenever you want.  

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Sun-dry and preserve methi leaves. 

4. Orange Juice 

You don’t have to miss zesty orange juice ever. Peel the oranges, de-seed them and squeeze out the juice. Add some condensed milk and sugar to it, also add some whipped cream. Freeze to make orange ice-cream or popsicle to devour in summer.  

5. Grapes 

Wash and deseed the grapes. Then crush them lightly. Heat grapes on stove along with some water and let it all simmer for some time. Strain the juice, add some sugar and freeze in a plastic bag or air-tight container.  

There you have it; just the tips you were looking for to preserve winter foods that you won’t have to miss when the season is gone.  


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